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If you would like to become a member of the Sydney Jazz Club visit our Membership page for details. Membership provides:
- Voting rights
- Copy of SJC Newsletter issued each month (free)
- Copy of SJC Quarterly (free)
- Club member discounts at various jazz functions

AJC Archive

If you have any Convention material that is taking up precious space it can now be stored and archived in a safe repository. Convention material of any sort can be forwarded to me at any time on a Pay on Delivery basis through Australia Post to Don Anderson, 12 Homewood Court, Rosanna 3084, Victoria. Email donmarganderson@bigpond.com or phone 03 9459 1008 Mobile 0418 529 659.

Our Logo

The 'Little People' graphic was created for the Sydney Jazz Club by Life Member Terry Fowler and adopted as its logo in 1962. It is a caricature of the original founding club members who were the Paramount Jazz Band, who formed the jazz club in 1953